Monday, June 16, 2014

Meanwhile...What's Jonathan Doing?

Jonathan's main goal since his graduation is to save
enough cash to purchase a used vehicle.  He
announced this at his graduation and so the jobs
started rolling in.
Job #1 was to paint the turquoise trim on a single
garage a more pleasing color for our church's
parsonage.  At least that's how the job started...
When Jonathan went over to assess the amount
of paint needed, he found a lot more than just
some out-of-date paint.  The key word from now
on will be "rot".

Here, Jonathan is cutting some new roof trim boards
which were rotten...

...getting ready to rip another trim board to the 
proper width which was rotten...

removing the last of the shingles...

from, you guessed it....

...a pretty rotten roof.

Surprise, surprise, now Jonathan had to purchase
some extra plywood... replace part of the soffit he hadn't known before was

Okay,  demolition on the roof area is done and new
trim (red) is installed all the way around the roof.

Getting ready for the first row of roofing felt...

Another roll of roofing felt needed...

The job was made a little more

complicated by this being

a very windy day.  So...

Christopher got to get up there and hold things down
for him.  It's great to have a brother to help in a time of 
need :)   Stay tuned for more progress.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of your blog address; as you can see, it worked! -MH

    1. Good, now you can "see" us while Emily, Kristin, and I are away:)

  2. My girls are constantly asking what he's doing. Usually I say, "Fixing it."

    1. You could also add, "Making a mess." :)