Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Matthew's Senior Project - Part 2

For the second part of Matthew's senior project,
he is learning how to do venting and work with
duct work.  
As many of you know,  it's always exciting to see
what issues will come up with any house you
purchase and ours is certainly no exception.
We discovered early on that two of our bathrooms 
were not vented and the third was not vented properly.
(It was vented directly into the attic space resulting in
an attic full of ice this past winter--not good!)

He removed the existing light fixture in the
master bath...

...and squeezed up into our attic space to
prep the space for the fan.

Doen't this look like a fun space to spend an afternoon?

A little demonstration and...


Then, Matthew got to get out the jig saw and...


...a big hole in the freshly painted house.  Yikes!

Oh, well I guess it was necessary.  Our nice new vent
covers will keep birds out (hopefully) and the shower
steam will no longer be going into the attic.  Yeah!
To be continued...

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