Monday, June 23, 2014

Carter Mansion and Buffalo Mountain

After worship on Sunday, Kristin and I 
went to visit the Carter Mansion.  It's 
certainly not what we would consider a 
mansion today,  but this home was built
in the late 1700s and is the oldest frame house
standing in Tennessee.  Even better was the 
private tour of the whole house! (It was
private because nobody else showed up.)

Today, we moved on to Buffalo Mountain for
some hiking.  

We were thankful for the map showing the marked
trails.  I should add, the same map also had the
instructions for dealing with some of the wildlife
you might meet--yikes!  We weren't eager to use
this information :(

We chose the Huckleberry Knob for the first part of
our hike.  This is one amazing view!

Kristin at Huckleberry Knob--Elevation 2500 ft.

While attempting the Cascades trail, we found
wild rhododendrons in bloom and...

...wild blueberries!  These aren't ripe, but others were:)

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