Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Canoeing on the Creek

On the final day a good friend was in town, he had
 a really fun idea...try out his canoe in our creek!
Christopher and Andrew got to be the first riders.
James and Matthew looked on as they paddled off.

I was wondering how this would go since there are
many obstacles in our creek as you can see at the
top of this picture.

Some followed on land (and ended up with ticks I
might add--yuck!)

Coming up to the first major obstacles

Expert maneuvering took them down about a 
half mile to a rather large beaver dam where
the expedition had to end.

Wonder who gets a turn next?

Matthew and James were the next riders.
James was sooo excited!

You'll notice that James does not have a paddle.

Goofy grin

Helena is looking on in the background.

Our brave friend took the last couple for a ride and
even for some canoe limbo under a fallen tree  :)

Benjamin and Helena were very happy to have gotten
a ride and no paddles were lost in the creek.

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