Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Bridge and a Hike

Kristin and I started our day in Elizabethton to 
see a historic covered bridge.  It is in a really pretty
setting.  Since you can't drive over it any more....

...we walked across instead.

After the bridge, we headed to Jonesborough which is
the oldest town in Tennessee.  My favorite place was
this little glass shop.

After lunch, we headed toward our favorite 
destination of the day....

...the Appalachian Trail on the Tennessee/N. Carolina
border.  It was 90〫when we left the hotel, and 65〫when
we arrived.  Time for jackets!

It was so beautiful getting started on the trail.

A different kind of bridge

Now that's a rock.

The incredible view on the way back to pick up Emily.
It was a fantastic day!

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