Saturday, June 28, 2014

Last Visit with Friends

Today, Emily finished her teacher institute
training and we headed out to visit with friends 
again before we head toward home tomorrow.

Hopefully it won't be six years before we see them again!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Celebration Concert

Tonight was the celebration concert at the end of
Emily's teacher training institute.

Here are many of the teachers playing together.

The whole institute lead by Mr. Toshio Takahashi.

Group picture (Emily is far right in the red dress)

Emily enjoyed the week with her teacher trainer
Laurel Ann Maurer.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Visiting Davy Crockett's Birthplace

Today, Kristin and I traveled to Davy Crockett's 
birthplace.  It certainly makes us appreciate the
space in our home.

Kristin with her dream kitchen

We also walked some of the trails in the park.

Can you find the bunny?
Tonight we meet Emily at the university to attend
a flute concert.  Then we need to figure out what 
to do tomorrow:) 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Day Trip to...

...the Virginia Creeper Trail.  We had planned to
do this earlier in the week.  We just hadn't planned
to have it rain:(  

This was a fun thing to do despite the rain.

One of the neat bridges

"Leaf Man" joined us on our walk.
He didn't seem to mind the rain, but the rest of us did.
 So...we headed back to our friend's house where...

Kristin made a new friend and...

"Leaf Man" and his sister played an interesting
game of Take One with us.
Once again it was a fun day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Bridge and a Hike

Kristin and I started our day in Elizabethton to 
see a historic covered bridge.  It is in a really pretty
setting.  Since you can't drive over it any more....

...we walked across instead.

After the bridge, we headed to Jonesborough which is
the oldest town in Tennessee.  My favorite place was
this little glass shop.

After lunch, we headed toward our favorite 
destination of the day....

...the Appalachian Trail on the Tennessee/N. Carolina
border.  It was 90〫when we left the hotel, and 65〫when
we arrived.  Time for jackets!

It was so beautiful getting started on the trail.

A different kind of bridge

Now that's a rock.

The incredible view on the way back to pick up Emily.
It was a fantastic day!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Carter Mansion and Buffalo Mountain

After worship on Sunday, Kristin and I 
went to visit the Carter Mansion.  It's 
certainly not what we would consider a 
mansion today,  but this home was built
in the late 1700s and is the oldest frame house
standing in Tennessee.  Even better was the 
private tour of the whole house! (It was
private because nobody else showed up.)

Today, we moved on to Buffalo Mountain for
some hiking.  

We were thankful for the map showing the marked
trails.  I should add, the same map also had the
instructions for dealing with some of the wildlife
you might meet--yikes!  We weren't eager to use
this information :(

We chose the Huckleberry Knob for the first part of
our hike.  This is one amazing view!

Kristin at Huckleberry Knob--Elevation 2500 ft.

While attempting the Cascades trail, we found
wild rhododendrons in bloom and...

...wild blueberries!  These aren't ripe, but others were:)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Traveling with the "Big Girls"

So....the girls and I have been traveling again.

Ohio was interesting as we passed through--an extra
1 1/2-2 hour detour, while interesting, wasn't exactly
a welcome diversion.

We were still in West Virginia at 8:00 P.M. when we
were expected at our friends' house.

One of the under mountain tunnels we passed through
after dark--scary!
In the end, we arrived and got to watch our friend
fulfill an order from her business Fastenation Studio.

Here she is working with the tiny pieces of a caterpillar.

It takes some special tools to pick up the clay
without ruining the shape she has just made.

Leaf buttons done...three caterpillars to go :)

After a nice visit, we were off early in the morning
to Tennessee.

While Emily was getting some additional flute
teacher training, Kristin and I headed to 

We enjoyed Fort Watauga...

...and the Sycamore Shoals

...on the Watauga River.

It was a one mile trail walk.  Though thunderstorms 
had been predicted, we were blessed with
temperatures in the 80's and sun:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recital Clips June 2014

I finally had a chance to  upload movie clips
from our camera.  This is definitely not one of my
favorite jobs.  Hope you enjoy...

Eventually i'll get the whole thing on the music
tab, but this will have to do for now:)

Matthew's Senior Project - Part 2

For the second part of Matthew's senior project,
he is learning how to do venting and work with
duct work.  
As many of you know,  it's always exciting to see
what issues will come up with any house you
purchase and ours is certainly no exception.
We discovered early on that two of our bathrooms 
were not vented and the third was not vented properly.
(It was vented directly into the attic space resulting in
an attic full of ice this past winter--not good!)

He removed the existing light fixture in the
master bath...

...and squeezed up into our attic space to
prep the space for the fan.

Doen't this look like a fun space to spend an afternoon?

A little demonstration and...


Then, Matthew got to get out the jig saw and...


...a big hole in the freshly painted house.  Yikes!

Oh, well I guess it was necessary.  Our nice new vent
covers will keep birds out (hopefully) and the shower
steam will no longer be going into the attic.  Yeah!
To be continued...