Thursday, May 22, 2014


Today, the four oldest guys got to take a last boating 
trip with a good friend before he moves away.

He was nice enough to help strap Matthew's kayak
onto the minivan.

Taking the boats off the vehicles

Carrying the canoe to the river edge

Same for the kayak

Jonathan started out in the kayak.

Christopher started out in our friend's canoe.

Out on the river they found they were not alone, and 
were certainly the smallest ones there.  They shared the
river with...

... a car ferry

... a law enforcement boat

... and a large freighter.
I think they would tell you that some of the above
share the water better than others :)

A pretty view

Now Matthew has the kayak, and Andrew gets
a turn in the canoe.

We're thankful to have a friend with extra life jackets
since Matthew is the only one who has his own.

The fun is over :(
Just in case anyone is wondering, the air temperature
was 47˚ for their boating adventure today.
Gotta love it!  It is supposed to be warm and sunny
this weekend, so we're all hoping.

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