Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Of Scenery and "Friends"

Because of the windows in the back of our house,
we often have feathered "casualties".

Today's poor friend was a ruby crowned kinglet.
It was a young one and very addled.

Almost ready to fly but not quite,  it was holding on
quite tightly to Kristin's finger.

Yesterday's casualty was a chipping sparrow.
This one was found in a heap on the patio, and
our resident bird-nurse came to the rescue...

...perking up

...and ready to fly!

Once the snow melts, our creek is really beautiful in the 
spring--and very full.

Christopher snapped these pictures for me yesterday...

...and got a surprise!

We do enjoy the wildlife at the back of our property.
They are mostly attracted to the creek.

As you can see....NO SNOW!

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