Saturday, May 31, 2014

Learning Something New

We've had a few challenges (some might call them disasters)
in the past couple of weeks.  One of them started with
the innocent use of one of our outdoor spigots.
The simple act of turning on the water caused a
great deal of said water to enter our basement
rather than an obliging water balloon.

Matthew got to learn some plumbing skills.

Using the torch...

Thankfully starting NO fires...
(partially due to the fire blanket)

Checking for leaks...

Success!  We now have a fully functional spigot
and no water in the basement :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Benjamin!

What twelve year old boy's birthday could be
complete without catching a turtle.
I'm not sure the turtle was as enthusiastic, but
it did get put back where it came from

Benjamin had quite an audience before his cake
was distributed.

Matthew and Grandma had different reactions to 
the promise of cake :)

Christopher considers it part of his job to get into as
many pictures as possible.

Since Benjamin spent his actual birthday at the dentist 
on Wednesday, we took him to play miniature golf
as a treat.

I don't think he was happy with this shot.

"Birthday Guy" got to be the scorekeeper.
It was a beautiful day and a fun time.
Happy late birthday, Benjamin! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Passing of the Torch

The new lawn crew had their first chance at the yard
this week.  Christopher had a great time with the 
push mower.

Andrew had fun learning to drive the tractor.

Meanwhile...Jonathan took James for a ride on his

This was the result.

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with your
big brothers.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Today, the four oldest guys got to take a last boating 
trip with a good friend before he moves away.

He was nice enough to help strap Matthew's kayak
onto the minivan.

Taking the boats off the vehicles

Carrying the canoe to the river edge

Same for the kayak

Jonathan started out in the kayak.

Christopher started out in our friend's canoe.

Out on the river they found they were not alone, and 
were certainly the smallest ones there.  They shared the
river with...

... a car ferry

... a law enforcement boat

... and a large freighter.
I think they would tell you that some of the above
share the water better than others :)

A pretty view

Now Matthew has the kayak, and Andrew gets
a turn in the canoe.

We're thankful to have a friend with extra life jackets
since Matthew is the only one who has his own.

The fun is over :(
Just in case anyone is wondering, the air temperature
was 47˚ for their boating adventure today.
Gotta love it!  It is supposed to be warm and sunny
this weekend, so we're all hoping.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An Especially Good Sunday

After many cool, rainy days, Sunday dawned sunny
and actually warm!

Our ladies before heading to worship

A female Baltimore oriole came to visit.

Last minute preparations....

...for a farewell tea for a wonderful friend.

The menu:
Meringue cups with strawberries, mint, and chocolate sauce
Quesadillas with chicken, chives, green onions, and goat cheese

Fun with a little guy--or maybe he wasn't so little :)

A last hug before saying goodbye

We're really going to miss this family!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Various Recent Happenings

These are just some random pictures from the past
couple of weeks...

Papa discovers a new game, Empire Chess, and pronounces
it not a favorite.

Benjamin shows us a little muscle....

Papa holding court with his Kindle...

Nonnie, Emily, and Christopher in the kitchen...

Emily, Kristin, Matthew, and "panda" after Jonathan's

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jonathan's Graduation Celebration

Friday was a busy day getting weekend treats ready
for the big celebration.

Yummy cheesecake squares

Lots of treats ready to go

Bob gave the opening address for Jonathan's presentation.

Then, Jonathan took over and gave his presentation.

His presentation included some music, but the pictures 
didn't include him...aargh!  He was to the far right.

Enjoying some fellowship time afterward

Some of the people from our church who came
to share Jonathan's celebration

The guy, himself

Kristin helped serve at the treat/display table.

Jonathan shows off his diploma with Bob and I.

Same with Nonnie and Papa

Um, maybe we made a mistake...

A graduation certificate from Nonnie and Papa...I assure you
the wording is quite profound!

A gift from Mom and Dad

Jonathan, we are so very proud of you!