Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Showers...U.P. Style

I know some of you think of April showers as rain, but
here in the U.P. it just may come in the form of snow.

Friday brought quite a snowstorm with temps close
to freezing and then dropping.  I'm not much of a 
photographer so these pictures don't quite capture the 
amount of snow coming down, but it was quite impressive.

Below, Christopher shows just how happy
 he was doing his job :)

We've also been showered with blessings this past week.
Emily blessed the family this morning with one of
her luscious coffee cakes.  (There were no leftovers.)

We were blessed by a fun visit with a friend and her
adorable baby.

Finally, we had showers of giggles and laughter
during our Thursday family rehearsal.  It may not 
have been the most productive, but it surely was fun!
Who started the laughs?  Why, James, of course!

We had finally gotten down to business and started rehearsing when...

...James started being silly.

We all thought it was funny and the playing soon
went downhill...

He ended up quite pleased with himself and 
quit playing altogether.

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