Tuesday, March 25, 2014

James's First Plumbing Project

James got some tools for a Christmas gift this past
year and he has been very eager to use them.
The need to replace our disposal was a great way
for him to give it a try.

Here he was learning that nothing about
plumbing is ever comfortable or neat.

Jonathan got to do some of the parts that required a
little more muscle than James has at the moment.

How many guys does it take to change a disposal?

Out comes the Christmas screwdriver...

... now to attach one of the fittings.

Okay, so sometimes it's just easier to do it with your

Matthew gets to finish the project in ultimate comfort.
It's always great to find yourself wedged under a 
kitchen sink where a disposal has been leaking into
a bucket for weeks.   Yuck!

Thanks for a project well done, guys!


  1. Great job James! May your tools serve you well!!

  2. Nice blog! I am a plumber and I remember when I was excited about to receive my first plumbing tool :)