Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Bit of Our Week

It just makes sense that at this point I give much of 
the music teaching over to Emily and Kristin so...

... this was James's reaction to his music theory lesson
this past week.

Here's a peek at Helena's flute lesson.

This beautiful splendor greeted us Thursday (and Friday)
morning.  It was glorious!

Of course snow removal degenerated into a snowball

The shovel crew

The main guy on the tractor.
My goodness are we thankful for that tractor!!!
(and the guy)

Helena's snow man with shovel.
He didn't help much.

Finally, two of the all Beckman snow brawl.
I don't know who won, but everyone got soaked.
It was way warm today.  38˚ and sunny!

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