Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Mahogany Chair

So...I knew I was going to be gone and wanted to make
sure we got some pictures of this important event.  Our new
camera is a little more complicated than the old one so I 
showed Emily how to use it.

You might wonder what the important event was.  Well,
the "mahogany chair" was about to start coming back to life!
James and Andrew got in on this important occasion too.

This chair holds a humorous place in our family's history.
It was left here by the previous homeowner when we moved
in.  I wanted to replace the cushion and paint it so the big guys
could have a chair in their room.  Veto that!  This chair is made
of mahogany and if you're a woodworker you know that you
just do not paint mahogany.  So...I replaced the cushion and I
patiently waited.  (usually)  And waited.  And waited some
more.  Since we moved here over four years ago, it has
taken on quite a special status in our home. the mahogany chair begins its reassembly.

As you can tell, Andrew was thrilled with his job of 
getting out the clamps for the glueing.  Oh, yes, and with
his sister taking his picture. 
 So, the chair back is glued.  I'm not sure what comes next,
 but I'll post that on the next project day.

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