Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's Been One of Those Days...

I'm definitely not one to do many posts without pictures, but 
after today, I just don't feel like looking for pictures. 

Sometimes I get the feeling people think that things go just
perfectly for us all the time.  Just in case that was you...

Today's schedule started out with a thud and quickly
escalated to a splat.  I had a 1:00 meeting at the house
today so that meant that I really needed everything to be
on schedule and certain areas neat.  That was apparently wrong.
Some of the children were right with me, others were, well...

I had a good meeting and felt good about that
until I finished downloading and viewing the string
octet we/I had decided on for the least advanced players.
Awesome octet = eek = totally not doable by the people it
was intended for.  Plan B.   Wait,  I didn't have a plan B!  Aargh!

PreCalculus and Physics--need I say more?

This was also a teaching day for Kristin.  At about 4:45, I 
got a panicked call from Kristin letting me know that her 
cello had spontaneously exploded within her case during 
a lesson--definitely not a noise you want to hear.  Could I 
come and bring tools?  Well, I did go, with Matthew, tools, and
a spare cello just in case.  Assessment....cello unfixable except by
a luthier...left other cello and took tools and broken cello home.

Some days are just like that.
It will make tomorrow seem just that much better!

Now about that giant pile of laundry I forgot about on my bed....

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  1. Exploding instruments is one of the worst feelings ever!!