Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fun at the Falls

I really like to visit Tahquamenon Falls in the winter.
It is especially beautiful after a snow.  We had a nice
snow last night and warmer temperatures today, so 
today was the perfect day to go.

Bob and I at the first observation point of the upper falls.

It's so interesting to see the ice formations.

The ladies

Christopher is ready to launch yet another snowball at an
unsuspecting brother.

The river as it approaches the falls

This small island became the target for snowballs.

Will it make it?   Noooo

How about Matthew's?  Yes!

Winter family picture

In case you think we're always serious....

Friends of ours and possibly their last photo together as
a couple.  They are expecting their first baby in about 
three weeks!

Icicles from the spray

Resting after returning from the observation deck.
Those 94 steps will really wear you out!

Yep, that's two feet of snow so far.

Apparently we came in the wrong vehicle.

There were about ten cars in the lot and about thirty 
sleds.  (Yes, I know they're snowmobiles, but up here,
they're sleds :)

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