Sunday, December 1, 2013

Projects and Decorating

Yesterday was a full day.  It was one of those days which feels like
every minute is scheduled for some project or other.
First, Helena and James worked on making a thank-you
card for a great-uncle and aunt who sent them some new
crafting supplies.

Kristin was gracious to take the time to help them while
I got the ironing done.  Not fun, (the ironing),  but necessary.

Finished product

Then Bob helped Andrew begin a wood project for his and his big
brothers' bows.  At present, they are all lying in a pile on the floor
in their room.

Any project is more fun when you get to use the drill press!

Then it was time to decorate at our church.

Bob and the big guys always seem to get the fun parts
requiring the extension ladder.

Some views from the top....

Then there was the part about trying to get the 
Advent banner to hang straight.  
This is always interesting :)

Everyone else got to do the trees.
Now, that really was fun!

Everything looked beautiful when it was done.
Then, disaster struck..

Thankfully,  the iPad was undamaged.

No pictures of  last night's orchestra practice.
I couldn't have taken very good pictures with gloves on 
anyway.  The heat wasn't doing very well so it was 
probably about 50 degrees in the theatre.  Brrr....

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