Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Very Full Week

The first two weeks of December have been so full that we hadn't had time
to decorate our Christmas tree.  So.....

...Thursday night was the night!

Matthew got to do a little light reading....

....and Jonathan got to have fun with one of the "flurries".

Our "critter-filled" tree

Today, we got to celebrate Grandma's 86th birthday!

The girls made her a chocolate cheese cake.  Yum!

Kristin got to do the serving.

Here's one for the record books--mom's in two pictures!

Later this afternoon, the girls and I had our annual Christmas
tea with friends.  It was a really fun time!

First on the menu--a snowman cake!!!
This is one we won't be saying never again about.
He is made with gluten free pound cake and was
delicious and sturdy!

Here's a close-up

We also had tasty gluten free slipper cookies.

Emily got the job of serving.

Helena looks a little concerned about the
snowman's fate--or maybe she was just hoping 
to get a certain piece.

Oh dear, Mr. Snowman, you're losing your head!
After two particularly long days of travel, the girls and I
really enjoyed this year's tea with good friends!

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