Sunday, December 22, 2013

Jonathan's First Oral Presentation

Jonathan had his first physics oral presentation this
past week.  In case you might be tempted to think
you're off the hook for things like this in an on-line
class, you're quite mistaken :)
Being slightly (okay, very) technologically challenged,
this has been a challenge for us both.
During his presentation, however, I had to be gone to
a meeting so he was all on his own to figure out this one.
Emily was gracious enough to take pictures for me so 
I wouldn't miss out :)

Jonathan took a little bit to figure out how to get his
slideshow to "share" with  other users, but once he
crossed that hurdle, all was well.

It's his turn and it's camera time.

Explaining some part of Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Done with the presentation and answering questions 
from his teacher.  It was a real relief to have that completed.
Now, he has a two week break from physics and 
a mid-term exam to look forward to.  Yikes!

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