Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fun Post-Christmas Activities

We try to make sugar cookies every year with a cookie
press that was given to us almost twenty years ago.
This year it didn't happen till after Christmas, but it
was still fun and they were still delicious!

Helena got to try the first one.

She quickly found out you need muscles to make this happen.

Now it was James's turn.


They look so pretty when you do it right.

Now it's time for the sprinkles.
Helena chose two colors and was very careful putting
on the first color.

James was also careful, but continually asked his sisters,
"Can I just dump it?"

Now for the second color.

Okay, James, now you can "dump" it.

All done and ready for baking!

Later in the afternoon, Emily and Kristin surprised
Helena by taking her to see a movie for the first time.
She was so excited!

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