Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fun but Time Consuming Extras

One of the draw-backs to having your holiday meal made
in advance is that you then feel like there is plenty of 
time to make some extra things.
Sometimes this is great and sometimes well.....

today it was marshmallows to go on the sweet potatoes.
A very small stream is poured into the bowl.  
This is very important.

This is done while your mixer is on high and mixing 
away at ear splitting volume.  All in the vicinity need
ear plugs, but it's probably just best to vacate.

Setting up in the pan. 
It is VERY important to well-grease the foil because...

...it's a little sticky.  Need I say more?

It also stretches!

Cut into strips...

Boing, boing

Then dip each piece into powdered sugar.
Now they're not sticky, just yummy!

Now, for the next time-consuming project for the day.
Christmas Day Doughnuts!

Making the dough is just the beginning.
Next comes the tedious part...frying.
Since we don't have a fryer, this takes a really
long time.  No, we're not considering buying one
either.  We do this maybe once a year, but only when
we think we have lots of extra time :))

Christopher was the doughnut helper today and 
dipped all the hot doughnuts in powdered sugar.
What a sacrifice!


What a team!
Thankfully, despite making the extras, we made it
to church with time to spare.  Good thing, too, since
Kristin was the organist tonight!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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