Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Little of Our Weekend...

The majority of our Saturday was taken up with a dress
rehearsal and our last major concert of the year.

That's Benjamin in the blue-striped 
shirt below playing the violin.  

A view from the audience side.
It was our biggest orchestra yet.
It was quite a job to get it all together,
but it was all worth it.

The ladies before the performance.

The younger players amused themselves 
during the choral part of the concert.

The whole performance really wore James out.
He even slept through the Hallelujah Chorus!

After church on Sunday, we went in search of our
Christmas tree!


Kristin and Jonathan


After this, we went home to begin preparations for
Christopher's 13th birthday celebration!
We are celebrating a day early this year so that
we could all be there.

Christopher's chocolate mocha "FBI" cake

Apparently it was acceptable.

Get ready and... those are the lungs of a trumpeter!
Happy 13th Christopher!
We love you!!!

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