Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Very Happy Thanksgiving

I don't know how your morning began, 
but mine went something like this...

"Mom, can we go outside, please, please?"
"It's only 11 outside, please wait till it gets
a little warmer, okay."
"Mom, it's 15 now can we go out now".....

Christopher and James got ready to do some sledding.

As you can see we don't have much snow yet.

Okay, this doesn't seem quite fair.

The inevitable snowball fight has begun.

James stayed out of the snowball fight, but he had 
a great time in the snow anyway.
Well, all that play worked up a good appetite!
So...bring on the feast!

Pax Vobiscum (Emily's name choice)
Delicious Dinner (James's name choice)
You can pick your favorite.
By the way, yes, this is one of our own turkeys!

The table pre-mess

Emily is obviously pleased that her dad is carving
the turkey.  That's a job nobody likes!

Ah, time to eat.

Grandma was our "turkey angel".  
What a blessing that she actually likes deboning
the turkey.  She got the job done while we did
the rest of the clean-up.

The dessert table

Yeah, no more glop!  This is our dairy-free whipped
cream and it is/was good!

The finished pumpkin/molasses pie

Time for dessert!

Emily got to serve up the pies.

Jonathan picked apple pie.
Now, for the ultimate in Thanksgiving irony,
we had a great time playing a marathon game of Monopoly....

in front of a roaring fire.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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