Friday, November 29, 2013

Fun Project Day

Christopher was the first to finish his studies today so he 
got to be the first to do a project with Dad.
He's been wanting to make a weasel box for
a while so that was the project of the day.
(If you have to ask what that is, 
you probably don't want to know.)

Bob is really great with little projects like this.
One hour of labor and $0 spent.

The latches and hinges have been following us
around for about the last twenty years.
The wood was leftover scrap from past projects.

It's always fun for the guys to be able
 to use their own tools too.

Project completed and no injuries!

Once the wood project was done, Bob packed up the 
three youngest and headed over to Grandma's 
apartment to help her with some baking.
Grandma is in her mid-80's and has always done quite
a bit of holiday baking.  Now that she has lost a lot 
of the strength in her arms she can't do as much
any more.  Her solution is to have the grandchildren
come over to help.  She spends quite a bit of time planning
what to have each one do.

James's first task was to start breaking up graham crackers.

Benjamin's job was to make lemon cookies.  
Grandma has a very small apartment so you have to 
be creative finding space for three in the kitchen.

James is still working on those graham crackers.

Benjamin's almost done with the cookie dough.

Helena and Grandma measuring ingredients on the step stool?
Well, like I said, you have to be creative.

Helena rolling out dough

Helena gets to use the other sink for her mixing bowl.
Anyone starting to think they shouldn't be 
complaining about their kitchen anymore?

Benjamin is already getting his cookies on the tray.

Meanwhile, James is helping Grandma 
with a different recipe.  

Benjamin's are out of the oven!

Taste testing
Very serious business

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