Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jonathan's Senior Project--The Final Post

Today was the big day-- Jonathan completed his senior project!!!

The first step was to install the ramp.

Jonathan installs the ramp supports.

It was great to be able to salvage/repurpose some of our old bridge 
for a new use.

Attaching the ramp to the supports

Giving the ramp a little more support in the middle

You know it's sturdy if it doesn't sag under Jonathan :}
This would have been the end except that we realized the door stops had been
forgotten.  I guess he could have left them off if we didn't mind two feet
of snow in the shed, but we do so...

he measured

and cut

and screwed

and nailed.

The ceremonial last screw!

I'm not sure, but I don't think he wants to build another one any time soon.
It is a wonderful example of hard work and good craftmanship.
Congratulations, Jonathan!  We're proud of you!!

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