Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday, Helena!

Yesterday was Helena's 9th birthday!
The gluten free orange chocolate marble chiffon cake was
kept under glass for a reason.  I won't go into that story today.
Let's just say that someone's cake was "damaged" once upon a time :{

Now for the decorating


James looks like he might be considering his next move

Delicate leaves and vines

A pumpkin with an ice cream cone stem:}

Helena and James are buddies.
Wondering what the space was left for...

...here comes the birthday message

The yummy masterpiece is complete!

The traditional meal followed by...

...cake delivered by Matthew and Kristin.

Happy Birthday to you!


Again!  (Papa is concerned)

A very happy nine year old!

An even happier Papa!!

Helena, Vivian, and Musetta share a snack
and a fun day.

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