Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Very Full Day

Beautiful fall colors have arrived in the U.P.
We're hoping they stay long enough for Nonnie and Papa to enjoy them too.

Jonathan started the finish work on the shed door.
First a little light sanding..

...then, the first coat of brown.

No painting project is complete without getting something stuck
in the paint :)

Checking for places that got missed is important--so are flashlights when
the lighting is as poor as it is in our garage.

Done painting for the day!

Our beloved turkeys decided they needed a field trip to the back yard.
I'm sure you can imagine why I prefer they not be there :)

You'll notice Andrew's disgusted look.  He has just gotten his "friend"
out of the fire pit.

Helena does her best turkey imitation.

Finally, Matthew did a great job composting and tilling our 
sweet potato bed which produced no sweet potatoes :(

There's still hope for next year :)

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