Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh, What a Day!

This morning, James told me he "needed help" to do his assignment.  After I suggested that he just start by putting the circles on, he was suddenly able to do it all by himself.  He was so happy.

We had a turkey injury today.  Providentially Andrew and I discovered it when I gave him a "treat" to take out to his friends.  I've said before that we may have gone a little too far trying to socialize them so they wouldn't be difficult to handle when they were big, but now I know we have.  Well, we couldn't put the injured turkey back in the enclosure so I had different guys take turns watching it till the bleeding had stopped.  Once that was better we tried to leave it out there by itself, right near its buddies.  This was a complete disaster as even when we tried sneaking back to the house, it would realize it no longer had a human companion and would come running back to the house yelling as only a turkey can!  Oh, brother!!!!!

When Christopher was not babysitting "turkey", he was teaching James to ride his bicycle.
Obviously, he was a good teacher.

There was also enough dry weather today for Jonathan 
to start putting the finish on the cedar siding for his project.

I will narrate possible captions:

Jonathan thinking to himself..."Wow, this is really great stuff!  I wish I could do this all day!!!"

Actual caption:
"This is the worst stuff I've ever used!!!  It's like water, 
it's making a huge mess, and dripping all down the sides."

Possible caption:
"Ah, I'm almost done with this side.  I wish I could keep going."

Actual caption:
"Oh good, almost done.  I'm starving!"

Possible caption:
"It's okay that it has started sprinkling.  I'm sure that won't cause any problems."

Actual caption:
"Ahhhh, well hopefully it will stop soon so I can redo this windowsill!"

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