Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Labors

I don't know what you do at your home for Labor Day, but it is becoming quite a tradition for us all to have some sort of project to work on.

Today's picking

Matthew prepares to launch one


That's quite an apple, Helena!

The apple picking team

A little size difference...that's what you get with wild apples.

washed and ready to go

The whole team moves inside

The assembly line cores and cuts out unsuspecting worms.

Now that's a big pot!

Kristin got the job of stirring.

Emily processed...

...and filled jars...

...and filled jars.

I pulled jars out of the water bath.

19 Quarts applesauce
9 Quarts bread and butter pickles
That was plenty of labor for our day, but the fun didn't stop there.

Bob and Jonathan had some trim work to finish on those doors.

Bob started with this mess...

put on a lot of caulk...

did some ladder gymnastics...

and installed the trim around all sides of the door.

When the house was built, the door was not centered in the opening so that created a little challenge that meant a little extra trim was needed.  This had to be glued in place and "clamped" with wood pieces overnight.  More work on this door to continue on Wednesday.

Door #2
Jonathan also had trim to install around his door.
While his is neatly done, you'll notice that it is not nearly as pretty.

cutting to length

Is it right?

installing right side


Done!  Next step, final side of siding.

Lots of labor, but fun was mixed in too.

What an outfit, Helena!

Mr. X is a fun game, and between batches of applesauce they tried to find him.

Helena made herself a little checker board with wood scraps and acorn tops.
It's really cute.

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