Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting to the Symphony Concert--On Time?

I know some people have the misguided impression that we never have trouble getting 
to an event on time.  Well...

Helena hastens to the van

Emily is feeling good to be one of the first ones out

Benjamin is never concerned

Jonathan is pleased...

...that is until I sent him back for all of his things.

You can do it ,Christopher.  Tote that bass!

Hurry up, Matthew!

Kristin is thrilled that we're running a few minutes behind-- again.

How does this stuff all fit in here?

You'll notice my forced smile.  It could have something
to do with the fact that we should be exiting the driveway.


...and we're off!

Good thing!  The concert began a bit Early!!

The youth orchestra was featured after the intermission...

...with yours truly conducting.

Whew!  They played great and I am so relieved.

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