Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Saturday Packed with Projects

This Saturday, it seemed that everyone had a project.  The biggest project of all was the turkey shelter cleaning.  Now that is one disgusting job!

After moving the "tractors,"  the whole inside has to be cleaned.

This can't be done without the help of expert turkey wranglers.

Jonathan continually has to remind the bronze turkeys
 that they are far too young for this courting behavior.

Meanwhile, Andrew gets the hose and shovel...

....and makes their shelter spic and span.  Then repeat this process with the "whites."

The "whites" show their thankfulness for his kind attention.
Okay, so maybe they were just wanting a treat of lettuce, but 
it sounds better to think they appreciate the hard work.


Jonathan got quite a bit more done on the last side of siding.....

.......and Bob got started on the new entry area.  It used to be you walked in the front door and were immediately walking onto light colored carpeting.  Not a good idea in my book.  How about yours?

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