Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Little Fun...A Lot of Work

First we started with the fun...
Andrew and Bob got up early (for a Saturday) this morning for the 
opening day of youth waterfowl season.

Unfortunately, no duck was served for dinner on our table tonight.

After breakfast, Bob started on the "work" part of the day.

the tile layout

laying tile and running out of thin set
(meaning I had to run to the hardware store for more, ugh)

Ah, complete!  Next step grout.

Now for some more fun...

Helena and James play with...

"Squinkies Zinkies"
You've got to laugh at that name!

Then Matthew and Christopher sent their planes...

....into the wild blue yonder.

Happiness is a flight with no casualties or catastrophes.
He did have to have an emergency landing when the battery died mid-flight.

All this work and fun makes you very....

...tired.  So tired, in fact, that you fall asleep on the game you were waiting to play!!

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