Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time for a Turkey Update

If you've been watching, I'm sure you saw our turkeys when we had just received them.  They were cute weren't they?  Well....they aren't quite as cute anymore.

Ah, a face only a mother could love.  Christopher obviously does not.  He is concentrating on keeping the wings pinned down so as not to get a face full of feathers.

Here are two of the "whites" out for one of their twice daily turkey trots.  One of the above birds was affectionately named "Little Romeo" by Andrew.  Recently, he had to change its name as it became apparent that Romeo is a hen.  So...Romeo is now Juliet.  

We have decided that we will probably not get the broad breasted whites ("whites") next year since they are not growing quite as well as the bronze birds.  However, we will delay our final decision on that till we see if they both stay about as even-tempered.  So far, they are all quite social still and none have gotten mean.

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