Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Project Update...It's Roofing Time!

I have to preface this post by saying that I actually know absolutely nothing about roofing.  The extent of my knowledge ends with the idea that shingles have to go on the roof, and that nothing could induce me to get up there and put them on.  I mention this only because there is the distinct possibility that I could mislabel a photo or two, and I'm hoping no one will be upset.  (sorry Jonathan)

Getting started with the roofing felt...

Last piece...

Roofing felt complete.

Now for the drip edge...

Attaching the last piece.

Now for the shingles...

That's probably not the best ladder for the job, but it worked.

Now, a little help from Dad on the ridge venting.

Putting shingles on the ridge vent...

Last one...
More progress reports to follow.  
Work is hampered for the present due to the blessing of rain, 
but our garden is exceedingly thankful for that!


  1. Cool - Great job Matthew!! It's really coming along!

    P.S. Roofing is the funnest part of building, IMHO :)

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    1. I'll pass the compliment on to Jonathan!

    2. Sorry Jonathan! I don't know how I had it stuck in my mind that it was Matthew's project :) Its looking great! Can't wait to see it in person!

  3. What a cute and tiny roofing project you have there! Haha! Anyway, what I like about this is that, though considered a small roofing project, you lot didn't sacrifice the quality and still made sure that everything was done in detail. It will certainly hold up for any weather that might try to beat it up. Just make sure to have regular checkups and maintenance on our little guy. Let's cheer to that!
    Allyson @ Affordable Roofing Systems