Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Fun Night in Mackinaw City

The children and I all headed down to Mackinaw City last night for the Strait's Band concert. Emily, Jonathan, Matthew, Andrew, Christopher, and Benjamin all played in the show.  It's a really fun time for the audience and performers alike.  Rehearsal begins about two hours before the show, and the concert begins at 8:00.  It's a great way to hone those sight-reading skills!

It was fun for Helena who got to see three bassoons!

James enjoyed mimicking the drummer and conductor.
I was personally glad that it was getting dark around show time
 so that those in the band couldn't see his antics!

We've decided to sit closer next time.  
The big hit of the night was Benjamin.  
At  eleven years of age he really surprised the other trombonists by holding his own 
with guys who were easily forty years his senior.
It was really fun to see him up there.  
As for the others, well, I honestly couldn't see them.  There was a really big band last night.

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