Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Tale of Two Doors

Door #1

This is/was our front door.  It looks just fine from the outside doesn't it?  It wasn't too bad from the inside either so I thought a new front door was really just a want and not a need--that is until the snow kept coming under the door this past winter, and the scotch tape and caulk that was apparently supposed to be holding the glass panel in the storm door failed.  Don't ask.

So, off comes the old storm door.  Bob enlisted Andrew as his helper for this project.

Yes, that two-tone look is really in in the U.P.

We have quite an open door policy.

You know it's serious when the reciprocating saw comes out.

Use those muscles, Andrew!

Out comes the old threshhold.

Bob was just teasing me by holding the new door in place.
Okay, he was dry-fitting the door, but it was awful to have him take it out again.

Actual installation
You'll notice his helper has changed.  Where's Andrew, you ask?

Playing with his friends!

Meanwhile back at the door, we now have a knob and the beginnings of a lock.

To be continued.....


You might remember we purchased the door for Jonathan's project at the Restore.
Door + window = $7
Well, when you do that it also means you're going to have to build your own door frame and chisel out the places for the hinges.  Here he is getting started.

Now chiseling the extra out

Screwing on a hinge

Attaching frame to the door

Hallelujah!  It fits!

Time to take it to the shed

Now, to put it in the door frame

Is Jonathan stuck in there?

I think he wants out.

While he's in there he might as well check to see if the door is plumb

and maybe even screw it in place

To be continued....

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Pile of Wood and Metal

No wonder we feel like we're always broke!

Project Update: Third Side Done!!!

Once the window side was completed, it made side three seem like a piece of cake.

Jonathan really knows what he's doing now so this side went much faster.

Ah, setting the nail without splitting the wood or the thumb :)

Last full row!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Straits Band Concert of the Year

This past week was the last Straits Band concert.  Matthew had already gone ahead,
but I got a picture of Jonathan, Christopher, and Andrew heading toward the band shell.

It was a really fun concert, but Benjamin was home with a sore throat so that was the only down side.
The funny part of the evening was finding out that they are now known by the other band members as 
"the brothers."

This freighter passed under the Mackinac Bridge just before we got there.
It was a beautiful night to cross the bridge.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Project Update #?

It's time for that last difficult piece on the window side.
Of course, the piece is a triangle so here Jonathan is making sure the sides
will be the right length.

Measuring for the base is also critical.

Does it fit?  Yes!!

One last nail and it's done!

Second side is finished.  The third is another easy one.

Safety first!

Already a good start on the third side.  He should be able to finish this one tomorrow.

It's quite a project, but I think he's beginning to see an end in sight.  
We've also been thankful that God has seen fit to send rain in the night
which has allowed Jonathan to continue working during the day.
What a blessing!

I Guess I Forgot to...

...teach them not to play with food.

Wondering if he hit it?  You bet!

Wondering if that zucchini came from our pathetic garden?  Absolutely not
Wondering if we're going to eat that huge zucchini?  Another no
Funny part is, the turkeys wouldn't eat it either!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Working with the Colonel

Some of the guys have been helping out a friend the past couple of weeks with some projects around his cabin.  Christopher and Andrew were "rock stars".  They disassembled a rock wall and replaced it with flatter stones that they mortared in.

All three guys helped the Colonel clean out his garage.
Doesn't Christopher look "cute" in the wheelbarrow?

They've been doing a lot of hard work, but having a fun time at the same time.
The Colonel is a great friend!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Fun and More Progress

James and Helena enjoyed a visit to Beckman Beach.
(a.k.a. our front yard)
Yes, it is very important to wear a helmet to the beach.

Jonathan was really on a roll yesterday.  
Here he is completing that last window cut.

One side of the window done

Now both sides

A distant view of Jonathan now above the window

Sunday, today, was supposed to be our church picnic.  Inclement weather brought us all inside;
so, games to the rescue.
The younger set playing the Robot Game.

An older gentleman playing cribbage with Bob, Matthew and Christopher.

A rousing game of Catch Phrase

Papa, I know you wish you could have been here :)