Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vacation Day 9

This morning went a little smoother than previous mornings, but we still didn't leave on time.  Our intended departure time was 8:00 and we left at about 9:00 instead.  That's an improvement of about 30 minutes so slowly but surely we're getting better.  We headed off to meet up with Nonnie and Papa in Charleston, South Carolina!

We arrived just before 6:00 and everyone set about the business of getting our camper ready for the night and for dinner.

After dinner, we headed toward Charleston Harbor and went across this cool bridge.

We enjoyed walking along the water before sunset.

Then right before sunset, we walked through "The Battery".  
Yes, they are sitting on a stack of cannon balls.

Heading back to the campground for the evening, the cool bridge was all lit up.

Tomorrow after worship, we will do some fun tourist stuff in the city.

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