Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vacation Day 16

We began the day with a pre-departure game of "Tastes Like Chicken".  
This has turned out to be the trip favorite.  
It's a really cute game that comes in a case that looks like a bottle of ketchup.

After we finally got going this morning, (it was after 10:00), we went through a little bit of Indiana.

Then we were back in our home state.

We're still carrying quite a bit of Mississippi River mud with us as you can see.  Yuck!

Our last campsite of the trip.

Christopher is taking a load off in Helena's sweet little pink chair.  

Tomorrow will be our last official vacation day.  
Monday we will get home as fast as we can since Bob has to work on Tuesday.  
We're looking forward to a last fun day tomorrow.

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