Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacation Day 13

Whew! What a day of driving!  We left at 8:50 this morning--an improvement of ten minutes--and arrived in Arkansas at 7:15.

We experienced the entire width of Tennessee!

We finally got to Arkansas and crossed over the mighty Mississippi!

A tug and barge on the river.  

Problem report:  Ugh! and double Ugh!!
#1  Learned a new lesson...Never under any circumstance, leave a glass bottle in any cabinet that is above floor level.  How did we learn this you ask?  Well, after a hard brake for a driver that cut in front of us, a whole bottle of cider vinegar fell out of the cabinet and broke all over the floor.  When we stopped at a rest area, I went inside and discovered it.  Needless to say, we were detained while we cleaned this up as best we could.  Thankfully, a good friend had gifted us with a couple extra rolls of paper towels.  (Thank you so much, Lorie!!!)

#2  Plumbing leak...Our refrigerator drainage hoses chafed against a metal part of the trailer wearing a nice, (or not so nice), hole in them.  Result...spewing water when the pump is on.  Bob will patch these with some special tape for a temporary fix.  Ah, me.  It didn't work so we will try to find a dealer to do the repair tomorrow.  Boo!!

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