Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Day of Vacation!

Today was the last day of our vacation.  After worshiping at a local church, we did a van picnic, (very messy indeed), and went to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.  We all enjoyed it very much.  The younger ones particularly enjoyed the first building showing the various stages of flight.

It's great to have older siblings to go with you on rides!

There were also flight simulators that gave you full range of motion.  This means if you put your plane in a barrel roll you will be going upside down!!  This was particularly fun for some!

Yes, during the simulation the hatch is closed and you are stuck in there!

We also got to see many restored planes and even sit in some...

a helicopter trainer...

...and a Vietnam era helicopter.

Finally, the highlight of the day for Matthew and probably the highlight of the vacation...he got to use a real simulator...

 and actually fly a Cessna!

What a day!!  It was so fun, and boy are we tired!

Tomorrow, homeward bound.

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