Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vacation Day 5

Day five meant it's time to move on so...our planned departure time was 8:00 this morning.  Our actual departure time was 9:20.  We're getting slightly better at this.   Today's destination was the Smokey Mountain National Park.

Heading into Tennessee

Picnicking at their nice welcome center

Our travel trailer looks so huge to us until we see it up next to some of the others.  Do you see our "tiny" van and trailer?

Some of the beautiful scenery

One of the best things was meeting up with Nonnie and Papa at the campground!

Next we went to take sight-seeing helicopter rides

Benjamin got a special picture since he turned 11 today!!

Off they go!

Finally, I rode with Matthew, Emily, and Kristin.

The girls and I sat in the back.

Matthew sat in front and peppered the pilot with questions.  What a great guy!  Matthew learned a lot.

The views were amazing.

Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake for the birthday cake.  Yum!!
Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Everyone enjoyed the cake!

Creek boots for catching frogs!!

After opening his gifts, the guys got together and played their quintet repertoire for Nonnie and Papa.


  1. That Tennessee welcome sign looks familiar!

    Matthew, when we were in the Smokies last fall, we drove past that very yellow helicopter for 3 days and wondered how cool it would be to take a fly in one of them! Looks like fun!

  2. Hello Beckmans,
    We're enjoying your vacation posts. I wish we were in VA so we could meet up. Hopefully some other time we'll be able to work things out to see each other. Tell your Nonnie & Papa we said Hello! I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful.
    Love Hannah
    (for the Deweys)