Monday, May 27, 2013

Vacation Day 4

Well, day four began with me waking to the sound of a rainstorm.  This meant leaping out of bed to close all the ventilation hatches.  After that excitement, I got the children who had fallen out of bed back in bed, and then went back to bed myself.  At this point, I was totally awake so it took awhile to get back to sleep.  

Yesterday we had no problems to report, and today only one.  Our screen door would no longer latch, so Bob fixed that by spacing the closer out a bit with a scrap of cloth.  Ah, ingenuity!

The big six in the bog garden

All nine in height order

A rare picture of Bob and I together

Jonathan and James riding Gomer

Helena and Emily riding Gomer

Gomer posed so nicely for me.  Perhaps we should all try a pose like that!

Helena and James--best buddies (most of the time)

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