Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vacation Day 3

We began today by worshipping at Amazing Grace Church.  It was a good reminder to us of how we should treat visitors at our own church.

After church, we got our clothes changed, ate a quick lunch, and then headed back to the Creation Museum to see some of the things we were unable to see yesterday.

All the children humoring me with a nice squinting in the sun picture

We learned about the pitcher plant this year in science.  Helena was the first to spot one in the garden.

Another great "sun in my eyes" picture.  Matthew had the right idea with his shades.

Here's a friendly creature coming to meet Emily and Kristin.

James got to feed a domesticated donkey.

Bob got to feed the wallaby.

The wallaby didn't want any food from the girls.  It only wanted their attention.

This is a coatimundi.  I'd never seen one before.  Emily and Benjamin said it had a very wet nose.

This is a very friendly camel!

Emily fed a zorse.  Matthew looked cool.

James fed the friendly camel and laughed because its lips felt funny!  Jonathan thought it would be a good brass player because they were so large.

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  1. Matthew - "this zorse has a dual identity - I shall stare him down, and my coolness shall conquer" :)