Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vacation Day 2

First a quick recap...
Last night we had a wonderful fellowship time with new friends.  This was especially nice since the girls and I had a difficult afternoon yesterday getting lost several times and getting stuck in holiday weekend traffic.

Now to today...
We began the day by saying goodbye to our friends.  Thankfully they will be coming up to visit us in a couple of months.

First stop, auto parts store to pick up a light bulb.  Problem #1 for the day--turn signal light/brake light burned out.  I have to admit I can't imagine how this is possible.  Then problem #2...we broke our anti-sway bar as we were leaving.  We will probably replace this after Memorial Day.  Thankfully, it didn't affect how it rode.

Now to begin our travel for the day.  Destination--Creation Science Museum

Kristin entertaining James as we drive.

The back rows are happy.

I even got Andrew to smile.

The Beckmans officially leave the state of Michigan!!!

We parked with all the trucks to picnic at an Ohio rest area.  
Some picked a sunny spot.

Some picked the shade.

Yeah, we're in Kentucky...we're almost to our destination.

We're here!

This was found in Ohio by a group digging a water trap for a golf course.  I wonder how long the removal of their find delayed the golf course?

This little chameleon really defies the whole "happened by chance" theory!

Testing their knowledge of the events surrounding Noah and the flood.

James in the "Garden of Eden"

Sorry, no post tomorrow.  Right after this picture was taken most of us were eaten and James and Helena were robbed.  (Just kidding-tune in tomorrow for more :D)

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  1. We had a wonderful time with your family as well!
    Looks like you're having a great time on your trip - God bless!