Thursday, May 9, 2013

Faith Like a Little Child

A Scene From This Morning:

James enters our bathroom while Bob is shaving and I'm showering...

Bob:  "Good morning James, did you say good morning to mom?"
James: "Yes, hi mom...but I came in here to tell you something dad."
Bob:  "Sure, James, what did you want to tell me?"
James:  "Dad, I want to have faith in God."
Bob:  "That's great, James.  It's great to have faith in God.  Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins?"
James:  "Yep!"
Bob:  "And do you believe that He rose from the dead?"
James:  "Yep!"
Bob:  "Then if you repent of your sins, and believe in Him you are forgiven and saved, James.  Isn't that great!!"
James:  "Yep!"
Bob:  "Well, James, that's faith in God!"

This made for a very interesting shower as I got to listen to the whole exchange.  I did say good morning to him by the way, but he obviously wasn't interested in my response.  He really only wanted to talk to dad.  (I wasn't offended.)

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