Friday, May 24, 2013

Departure Day Recap

I thought I would update you on how we did with our proposed departure time.  (7:30 P.M.)  This should be followed by a laugh track.  Our actual departure time was 10:30!!!!  Ugh!  It was hard to make the decision about whether we should just spend one more night at home and get up early or just go ahead and travel.  However, when getting up early means getting up at 3:00 to leave at 4:00,  the choice wasn't very difficult.  None of us likes to get up at 3:00!  Sooo... off we went.  We got to the Mackinac Bridge behind a truck that was taking a very long time at the booth.  We found out when it was our turn that the poor driver didn't have enough for the toll so he couldn't cross.  I'm not sure how he could have forgotten, but it reminded me that maybe our day wasn't going so badly after all!

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