Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A "Relaxing" Evening

Do you ever have a day where you are feeling really good about yourself?  You know when you are thinking about how much you got done, and that the evening will be a great time to curl up with a good book or just go to bed early.   Well, I find that whenever I start feeling that way it seems that I'm about to get reminded that sometimes my plans are going to get "adjusted" and that I need to be okay with that.  Last night was one of those evenings.

My first interruption came shortly before bedtime for the younger set.  James, (surprise), tripped over a chair leg and hit his head on our stone fireplace hearth.  Ouch!  Of course this left a rather impressive gash in his head.  (I'll spare you the pictures.)  This took quite a while to take care of, but as we were finally getting ready to go to bed,  in rushes Kristin with:  "There's a bat in the laundry room!!!"

Enter bat removal crew:

Exit bat!!

In writing about it, it doesn't sound like it took much time. 
 Bat departure time ended up being about 11:45.  Ugh!

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