Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy 16 Matthew!

Matthew's request was a triple layer, double chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  The decorations (raspberries) make it look a little prickly, but it was absolutely delicious.  I think about two weeks on the treadmill will work it off.   In case you were wondering, the girls did level those layers this time:)  That's why you don't see any floral picks with the candles :D

Our traditional birthday meal is pizza and pickles.  (homemade bread and butter made by Emily)
If you look carefully outside you might be able to see that it is indeed snowing!  Aagh!

How many people does it take to light the birthday candles?  Well, three if you use the "Happy Birthday" candles.  Actually three wasn't enough.  By the time they were all lit, one of the "y's" had burned out completely, and there was wax all over the cake.

The other tradition for those who are old enough is a dessert of cake and coffee!

To give you an idea of how rich this cake is, all twelve of us had a slice 
and there is still that much left over.  Yeah! Cake leftovers for tomorrow!

James is dizzy with excitement during the gift opening!  
Okay, truth be told, he was pouting because he didn't like the pizza.

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  1. Now that's one proper prickly porcupine cake I'd love to meet!
    Happy Birthday Matthew!