Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Right Tool for the Job

For the first time since we moved here three years ago, we are getting a "normal" U.P. winter.  This means lots of snow.  We moved here with a few shovels and two small snowblowers, and while we were used to lots of snow where we lived before, we had been exceedingly blessed with a wonderful friend who plowed us out at almost every snow.  Times have changed, and since both of our snowblowers decided it was time to die that meant break out the shovels!  Notice if you will the size of the snow banks directly outside our garage.  If it helps at all, that is Matthew who is about 5' 9 1/2".  It also helps to know that our driveway is about 80 yards long and that the snow bank is that high the majority of the way.  Whew!!  So...

...Enter the right tool!  Boy are our guys happy!  We were able to purchase a huge attachment for our lawn tractor which has cut the snow removal job down to less than an hour.  What a blessing!

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