Friday, January 25, 2013

Gluten Free Unleavened Bread

We have been studying the Last Supper and the Passover meal so...
We decided to make some gluten-free unleavened bread to illustrate.

First we had James put 2 cups of white rice flour in the bowl...

Next, we had him add 1 teaspoon salt...

Then, to keep the bread from being crumbly, he added one teaspoon guar gum.

His next step was one teaspoon olive oil and he managed not to spill any!

Finally, he added one and a half cups cold water.

Now it's time to mix it all up!

Once it's mixed, you grab some dough (after your sister makes you scrub your hands)
 and roll it into a ball.

Now it's time to squash your dough ball.

Eeeww, it's all starting to stick to me!  (Unlike his older brothers, 
it didn't occur to James to lick it off! -- at least at first :)

Now big sister helped so we could get eleven ready by lunch time.

Still helping...

Time to cook...
James didn't help with this part, but Kristin cooked these with a little palm oil shortening on medium till they were lightly browned--flipping them to cook both sides.

All done and time to eat!

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