Monday, December 3, 2012

The Manger Scene

I know some of you probably have a lot of Christmas decorations, but our family doesn't have many.  This is partly due to there not being room, and partly by choice.  Since we don't have many, the children all have a part in all of the decorating and get really excited about it.  Our final decoration is always the manger scene.

James got to be first to put a figure in this year and really had to stretch to reach.

Helena was next and she only had to stretch a little.

Andrew was in the middle and was just right.

Poor Jonathan had to duck just a bit to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling.
(Everyone was standing on the hearth.  Jonathan is not eight feet tall.)

Finally, Emily, who is the oldest, got to place the angel.  Unfortunately, our angel is not appearing to the shepherds in a brilliant star-filled sky, but reposes instead on simulated wood paneling.

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